Neolektra's sound is well suited to film, television, gaming and events. Composer & arranger, Naomi Tagg writes to brief and composes unique works for specific events. Specific arrangements of film & gaming favourites can also be arranged on request. Examples of her compositions and string arrangements can be heard here

NEOLEKTRA - Birth of a Heroine: Debut Album

In a post-apocalyptic time where our once-scenic world has become a desolate and violent wasteland, a heroine rises up with an army of immortals. They are the keepers of the music - the most powerful weapon of all - and with this they bring hope of new life and the key to survival. This is their journey through war, destruction, loss, lust, passion, victory and hope; from the Arabian deserts to medieval battlegrounds, through the cobbled streets of Spain and the forbidden alleys of Argentina, they have danced with destiny, risen from the apocalypse and have lived to tell it all. These are their stories.

Compositions by Naomi Tagg, Vitaliy Zavaskyy, John Powell, Alexandre Desplat, Ramin Djawadi and arrangements by Naomi Tagg. Produced by Anders Kallmark in London and released by Ossia Records in 2014.

Praise for the album:

"Not many musicians are able to elicit visualizations with their music, but I could see where Neolektra's music wanted the listener to be every step of the way, and I felt myself there.” - The Celebrity Cafe

"[The] opening track, ‘Immortals’ is a soft, slow and symphonic melody, that you could imagine being the audio accompaniment to an explorer’s crusade through arid desert or even included in an advert for an expensive German coupé, as it drives through the Alps. The tracks gradually move to a more intense and intricate soundscape. With ‘Images of War’ demonstrating a big brewing storm and slowly building in depth and intensity. The tracks stark change of pace from its predecessor hooks your attention and drags you deeper and deeper into this beguiling and furious collection of sounds." - Lee Beevers, Sputnik Music

“South African composer and violinist Naomi Tagg abandoned conservatoire training to forge her own path with a debut of deliciously rousing scores and complex compositions.” - The Musician

"A hypnotic sound radiates through the desert air as the heat rises from the ground, shimmering until a solo figure walks into view. Followed by him there are Jeeps carrying soldiers and as they approach you see their weapons are musical instruments. It’s an army of Immortals, keepers of the music who’s journey lead them to one woman, a heroine." - Dark Beauty Magazine

“There is some extraordinary talent on show here! The music is extremely dramatic and has a very powerful sound. It leaves you wanting more... This is pure class” - Booze & Reviews


“[NEOLEKTRA] is very dramatic sounding and really leaves an impact on the listener” - Chase This Tune

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